Daily Prompt: Flee


She took out her pocket watch and started calculating how much time she had.The beauty of the watch could not escape her eyes ,the watch belonged to her father,a complicated figure.A man of ideals,a man of morals,stubbornness which seemed to have passed down to her.He died a traitors death executed by his own fellow men,tricked and set up by the fat regime which he had served for the past 30 years.She began to boil with rage ,her eyes welled with tears.She wiped her eyes with her sleeve,the action followed with determination.her father deserved justice ,he deserved more than the wretched death he was given.Those savages must be held accountable for such an abominable act.

Her chain of thought was broken by the nearby alarm.She returned the watch to her pocket,Stood up and walked towards the edge of the roof.It seemed that the guards had just discovered the body, they started to yell.Reinforcements were not far behind.She took out a silver locket out of her bag and tied her hair in a ponytail.she cranked her boots until steam was pouring out of the metallic joints.she pulled on her cowl covering her face,fastened the goggles.The sound of footsteps got closer and closer and there was a loud bang on the roof door.They didn’t have the time to try keys on the lock.She looked back towards the approaching onslaught of guards.

To  achieve justice she had to be ruthless,she had to shed blood .There were no easy ways,no alternatives,no excuses.She had started from the tail of the snake and was now almost near its head.She could feel it,she had the answers now,but to achieve her goal she needed to escape.She needed to flee.She jumped over the edge of the rooftop as the guards almost reached her.The guards drew their pistols,shooting but failing to hurt the flying girl.A faint smile lit up the girls face.She was close.

via Daily Prompt: Flee


[WP] Time travelers keep trying to assassinate you. After their most recent attempt, you finally discover the reason they’re after you.



“Anything else?”

“No thanks”

“Okay then,have a good day.”

“You too”

I took my coffee and walked towards the table near the window and sat on the chair.i rested my scorching cup on the table and took out my phone.it notified me that i had only 15 percent battery left,i sighed and returned it to my pocket.I took a sip from the cup and burned my tongue a little bit on the lava java.I gazed out of the window,people were rushing on the streets ,talking on their phones checking their emails on those small screens.My eyes scanned the outside and landed on him.There he was again.I kept seeing this man every day ,he had a very peculiar sense of fashion ,always wore a dark black jumpsuit and donned a fedora.I have been seeing this gentleman for past 2 weeks,even if he is not there, there will always be someone with the same getup,they seem like something out of a popular dance group.As i looked at him he immediately slinked away into the alleyway behind .My panic levels started rising.I got up from the table,took my coffee and headed towards the door.As i was about to open it,a girl sitting next to the door blocked it with her leg and stopped it from opening.

“What the hell are you doing?.” i demanded.

“You can leave now but you’ll be dead in the next twenty minutes,unless you let me help you.”she replied.

“What are you talking about”i questioned her.

“You saw the jumpsuits right?”she asked me.

“Jumpsuits?”i replied with a puzzled look.

“Yeah ,you can’t tell me that you haven’t noticed them,i mean they are getting pretty brave with their methods.” she explained.

I let go of the door handle and walked towards her table,i sat in front of her and took a sip of the sweet black nectar that bestowed me a instantaneous calming effect.

“OK,you are right, i have seen them and they always seem to be where i am, at work,shops, even the fucking dog park.You know something about this” i said.

“Those people you see are travelers” she replied.

“Travelers …as in” i asked her.

“Time travelers” she replied in a ‘matter of factly’ way.

Time travelers? Is this a prank ,or is she the local psycho.I was about to interrupt her but then i realized why not listen to this ,it may be some good entertainment.

“I’m not some kind of psycho if you are wondering,nor I’m a crazy person”She read my mind.

“I didn’t say you were” i tried to save myself

“Aah but you thought of it.”she said with a smile on her face.

“Okay you know what just tell me what you were going to tell me or let me leave” i thought giving her this ultimatum would speed things up.

“Im just going to cut through the chase ,those people or “Jumpsuits” as we call them in our time,are hired assassins ,they specialize in trans dimensional murder,they even have a big organization which help some extremely rich people get rid of someone in the past.” she explained.

“You said ‘our time’ that means you are also from that time, how am i supposed to believe that?” i asked her as i took a sip from the cup.

“Well do you believe this?”

She pulled out a rectangular glass and kept it on the table.She then touched the glass and a hologram appeared on the table.It had a news article which stated “Kate Jervaston is the new president of the united republic of Karmania.” Jervaston,that was my last name who is this person, i searched for the date it was dated 26 January 2118. That was roughly 100 years from now i looked at the girl “What does all of this mean?”i asked her.

“Well you see the president in this news article is your granddaughter,i was appointed to protect the president at all costs,I received a very disturbing call which stated that the president’s existence was in jeopardy and i should hurry solving this mess before it was too late.”

I started to process all this information.

”I know how all of this sounds ,you don’t have to take a decision right now,just come with me,we have to pick up one more person.”

“One more person? who?”

“Your wife.”

Wife? i didn’t even have a girlfriend let alone a wife.she got up started to leave.

“Hey wait a minute.”i followed her out of the shop.


I started this blog to get better at writing ,i really like to build worlds and stories inside my head but I’m very bad at bringing them to life by writing them down.In order  to encourage myself to write i have started this site,this will include mainly short stories and will also include frequent writing prompts from Reddit.If you liked,hated or had any feeling while reading my writing please leave a comment.I will try my hardest to post everyday.If you have a interesting short stories blog please leave a link in the comments.Lastly i would like to say that im very new at WordPress and writing ,so if you find any errors or faults please inform so i can fix them.I hope you enjoy my writing and if you don’t, i hope i get better at it.

I would like to end this with one of many good lines from the novel Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss:“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”