Daily Prompt: Flee


She took out her pocket watch and started calculating how much time she had.The beauty of the watch could not escape her eyes ,the watch belonged to her father,a complicated figure.A man of ideals,a man of morals,stubbornness which seemed to have passed down to her.He died a traitors death executed by his own fellow men,tricked and set up by the fat regime which he had served for the past 30 years.She began to boil with rage ,her eyes welled with tears.She wiped her eyes with her sleeve,the action followed with determination.her father deserved justice ,he deserved more than the wretched death he was given.Those savages must be held accountable for such an abominable act.

Her chain of thought was broken by the nearby alarm.She returned the watch to her pocket,Stood up and walked towards the edge of the roof.It seemed that the guards had just discovered the body, they started to yell.Reinforcements were not far behind.She took out a silver locket out of her bag and tied her hair in a ponytail.she cranked her boots until steam was pouring out of the metallic joints.she pulled on her cowl covering her face,fastened the goggles.The sound of footsteps got closer and closer and there was a loud bang on the roof door.They didn’t have the time to try keys on the lock.She looked back towards the approaching onslaught of guards.

To  achieve justice she had to be ruthless,she had to shed blood .There were no easy ways,no alternatives,no excuses.She had started from the tail of the snake and was now almost near its head.She could feel it,she had the answers now,but to achieve her goal she needed to escape.She needed to flee.She jumped over the edge of the rooftop as the guards almost reached her.The guards drew their pistols,shooting but failing to hurt the flying girl.A faint smile lit up the girls face.She was close.

via Daily Prompt: Flee


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flee

      1. well i wrote it just for the daily prompt,but I’m thinking of expanding the story further.The theme would be set in a steampunk world,where the protagonist searches for her fathers murderer,which would uncover some kind of conspiracy,and i don’t know where to go from there haha.I still have a lot to do though.Thanks for your interest in the story man ,means a lot.


      2. Sometimes it’s just fun to write a passage. Maybe that’s all it has to be. I like starting out with a theme because when you put all the work into a longer story it’s nice to know why you’re putting in all that work when you’re in the middle of it.


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