A link to our past.

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Littered with bitter sweet memories, life is a fantastic ride.Remembering those memories makes us smile,cry and even makes us feel embarrassed sometimes.Photos are the perfect ways to make sure we capture those memories and relive them over and over again.Once the age of vitality and enthusiasm is over , one keeps visiting and living those memories through photos.These photos are undoubtedly the strongest link to our past.

When my grandmother came to me and asked me if I had found a certain folder containing couple of photographs of her father and her mother,I nonchalantly said I didn’t know where it was.Maybe she had it at her home,Maybe she had lost it,Maybe she could’ve taken better care of them.I brushed off the issue and continued with my life.Every time I would meet her she would ask “Did you find the photos?” “No,aji I searched for them I didn’t find them anywhere.” After fifth or sixth time the same persistent question led me to believe that those photos meant a lot for her. When I asked her why she needed them so badly she replied,”Those are one of the last photos of my parents that I have.”

After that last visit I came home and started combing through all my cupboards and drawers and closets,still I returned empty handed. Then on a seemingly random day I found the folder tucked away deep inside a storage cupboard that we seldom use. I opened it and smiled,there inside the plastic sleeve were two small photos.

I took them to my grandmother the next day,and she was beyond overjoyed,she kept looking at them closely and muttering happily “Yes! these are the ones,yes.”As a jeweler inspects a rare rock under his eyes ,My grandmother kept inspecting them. “You see this is my father in this photo,I only have this single photo of his.It was very good of you to find it for me” she said. “This one is of my mother and my brother ,this photo was taken in our balcony,look how beautiful she looks.” A faint smiled formed on her face.”When were this taken?” I enquired her. “Somewhere around 1926” she said after doing some mental calculations.

“Let me digitize them and lets see if we can color those” I asked ,the photos were in considerably good condition as she had kept them so close to her,but still a little bit of cleaning and color could rejuvenate them.The relief on her face was motivation for me enough to start working on those.

That brings us to the conclusion.After playing around lightroom tools ,Five to six hours later,I managed to colorize the photo ,It was my first time doing colorization as one may see from the images.Its a little bit shabby work ,but I’m pleasantly surprised at the results.I still have one more photo to edit of her father , my great grandfather,but I want to do it properly this time around.

There is a moral to all of this,and it is ,Taking better care of your memories,photos taken before the digital age,photos taken by your parents,grandparents and so on.

Digitizing photos is extremely easy ,you have to spend exactly zero rupees on it.Just take a photo of the print using your smartphone camera,or a DSLR in a well lit area.The print photo should be on a white sheet of paper and then take a shot from above .Take special care that you don’t introduce any shadows from your hands or elbows.After that open up that picture in any editing software,I recommend snapseed by google. Crop the excess area,apply some filters and you are done.The most important part don’t forget to store this image in the cloud that is, google drive,Dropbox etc.

Colorisation may be a little bit complex,but you can learn it online through YouTube and various other platforms.

Ill end with the words of L.M.Montgomery from the novel The story girl,

Nothing is every really lost to us as long as we remember it.”

You can view the photo here.



Ravivar Karanja

Ravivar Karanja Sunday Fountain [literal translation]
Is one of the most prominent shopping areas in old Nasik,People around the city visit Ravivar Karanja and the markets surrounding it to buy household necessities ,clothes ,veggies and much more.

The market area blooms on Sundays and the main fountain at the center is overflowing on the same day hence the name Ravivar Karanja.

Clothes,house hold bits and bobs,jewelers,Seasonal delicacies,street food,fresh Vegetables,Fruits,Monsoon gear,Flowers and Puja sahitya (pooja prep materials) You name it,everything can be found in these markets .

Assortment of people come through these markets to shop and wander.The one glowing problem has always been faced is traffic during sundays due to people coming in cars and SUV’s which often leads to traffic jams and blocks.The most ideal way to travel is on foot and you can easily navigate through the alleyways and streets which cater specialties such as Biscuits,milkshakes and many such mouthwatering treats for the foodie inside.

Even though Malls and supermarkets have sprung up all around Nasik the old  market remains still, offering quality goods at a reasonable rate.

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Here comes the rain.

I was returning home after dropping my grandmother at her home,I took my usual turn which would have led me to my home shortly,but the road was blocked by a big tree which had felled, likely due to heavy winds and was comfortably resting on a SUV. After a quick trip home,I picked up my camera and returned to the site.There was a sizeable amount of people gathered around the tree, all waiting to see how this would get solved.After about 5-6 minutes  a firetruck appeared and a bunch of  people got out of it.One of them had an axe and the other one had a chainsaw.With swift decisions they proceeded to free the automobile from the grip of tree, the car had a damaged windshield and dents on various place where the tree was resting.

The matter was solved in and around 10-15 minutes,the car had damages but the tree was almost completely uprooted.You can see the damage in the images below.

The question you must be asking is why do trees these big, sturdy fall during monsoon.Well i asked myself the same question,and the answer to that is;

Concretisation of tree base: Simply put concretisation of the tree base is, during  the construction of roads or buildings the tree’s base is covered with cement and or tar which does not leave any space around the trunks and don’t allow the roots to get a proper grip which further leads to felling of the tree.

According to this article

375 trees collapse in four days of heavy rains

You can read the article to get a clearer perspective of concretisation and its effect on the trees.

As the monsoon season starts you could see many more such trees fall and do damage to property, even human life.

The solution to this problem is de-concretisation in which the tree’s base is rescued from concretisation by leaving ample space for their growth and a porous material on the surface to let water and air inside to the roots.