[WIP] Relic

The electronic beep woke up the charging station attendant ,through the door walked a thin, almost malnourished human.He handed his scan card.”How much?” the attendant asked the human. “Top her up.” The human replied. “OK,anything else?”he asked while scanning the humans card.”Yeah we’ll have a look around.” A second human entered through the door making the entrance beep again.He was short but fat unlike his other human friend.What a peculiar set ,thought the attendant.As they walked away , the attendant sat back into his chair and started listening to the dio.

“So what is this woman called again?” The short pudgy one asked the lanky one . “She’s a skiptracer ,she finds beings which are hard to find,those who have no sign of existence,on paper.” “So , let me get this straight Pat,we have to get her this incredibly rare augment for her AI and THEN she will help us? Why cant she just take credits from us” a fog of doubt was starting to rise in his mind. “Well,she does usually takes credit,but once she knew who we were she put forward this condition, also I mean who doesn’t know Pat and Jones.” Jones looked at him with a hint of annoyance, “Alright,so do you have any leads on this augment,where should we start?” He picked up a candybar from the aisle and scanned it ,immediately opening and taking a bite out of it.”Well its in this guys home so we actually have to ..” Pat hesitated “Retrieve it sneakily.” Jones stopped in his track “So STEAL it?”he asked pat.”Yes I know how it sounds like” Pat said reassuringly. “But this woman, this skiptracer I told you about, she has this incredible way of finding things which nobody has, I mean she finds things which the Federation has given up on.Also she is a friend of a mutual friend so I know that she is worth trusting ”


This is a work in progress I will keep adding to this until it finishes,Hopefully into a short story.Thanks for reading.


Here comes the rain.

I was returning home after dropping my grandmother at her home,I took my usual turn which would have led me to my home shortly,but the road was blocked by a big tree which had felled, likely due to heavy winds and was comfortably resting on a SUV. After a quick trip home,I picked up my camera and returned to the site.There was a sizeable amount of people gathered around the tree, all waiting to see how this would get solved.After about 5-6 minutes  a firetruck appeared and a bunch of  people got out of it.One of them had an axe and the other one had a chainsaw.With swift decisions they proceeded to free the automobile from the grip of tree, the car had a damaged windshield and dents on various place where the tree was resting.

The matter was solved in and around 10-15 minutes,the car had damages but the tree was almost completely uprooted.You can see the damage in the images below.

The question you must be asking is why do trees these big, sturdy fall during monsoon.Well i asked myself the same question,and the answer to that is;

Concretisation of tree base: Simply put concretisation of the tree base is, during  the construction of roads or buildings the tree’s base is covered with cement and or tar which does not leave any space around the trunks and don’t allow the roots to get a proper grip which further leads to felling of the tree.

According to this article

375 trees collapse in four days of heavy rains

You can read the article to get a clearer perspective of concretisation and its effect on the trees.

As the monsoon season starts you could see many more such trees fall and do damage to property, even human life.

The solution to this problem is de-concretisation in which the tree’s base is rescued from concretisation by leaving ample space for their growth and a porous material on the surface to let water and air inside to the roots.

[WP] “The light can never go out,” explained the old lighthouse operator. “Ships don’t need us. Haven’t in quite some time. It’s the people here on land who’ll suffer if that light ever goes out.”

This WP was taken from reddit.

Tim walked towards the big light house bench and plopped into it.He gazed over the whitewashed light house,It was still working,He looked for ships in the ocean.His sight returned none.He watched the lighthouse again,someone was coming out of the door.The figure took something out of his pocket,and then started searching his shirt pocket .A lighter , the man walked looked around and was probably searching for matches.Tim walked towards the man and brandished his lighter around “Light.” ”You are like a god kid thanks.” The man put the cigarette in his mouth and leaned forward while Tim lighted it.With the first flicker of the flame Tim could see that the man was an old soul,wrinkles,missing teeth,glassy eye and a big mole on his cheek.”Thanks” the man replied.”Anytime.” Tim responded.”Searching for sleep i see.” The man asked.”Yup,the same old,I’m Tim..and you are?” Tim asked him timidly.The old man took a long drag of his cigarette and looked up towards the sky.”I’m Arthur,what brings you to Stonybrooks Tim?.” Arthur said exhaling. ”Umm actually my dad had property here,i just wanted to check it out.” Tim said.Arthur took another drag from the smoke and looked towards the sea. “How long have you been working here?” Tim walked besides Arthur and faced the cool breeze of the sea. “Long enough..when people used to be people,when terrors were more known.” Arthur said in a daze. “Okay..How expensive is this to run?” Tim asked pointing towards the lighthouse.Arthur took his last drag and threw the cigarette butt in the shrubbery around.

He looked towards Tim for an awkward amount of time and said,”A fortune to run ,but without it all hell will break loose.”Arthur said in a melancholy tone.”I didn’t know ships still relied on lighthouses,this seems pretty irregular to me, with all those GPS and SONAR technologies..” Tim was interrupted “Tim..The ships don’t need this lighthouse,its the people of Stonybrooks,They’ll suffer if the light ever goes out.”Arthur said with sadness on his face.